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My name is YaGass Sey; I am a 21-year-old Speech Communications major, with a minor in marketing studying at Georgia State University in Atlanta, GA. Above all, I am a serial entrapenuHER with 2 years of on-set wardrobe styling & creative directing experience; 1-year media entertainment interviews, plus event hosting experience! I also have a YouTube channel where I post weekly vlogs, interviews, hair tutorials, and styling videos. Make sure you go SUBSCRIBE, LIKE, and COMMENT on those videos for more of iloveYaGass!



Straight from the customers mouth

Ever since we launched a few weeks ago, we’ve taken pride in removing the stress from deciding what to wear, being stylish, OR being comfortable. However, there’s no need to just take our word for it. Scroll to see what some of our previous loves and lovers are saying about their experience with the greatest Clothing Rental Store around, iloveYaGass!


“The shirts give a European slim fit which I really appreciate because I have a smaller bust so the shirt still fits real feminine and has a cute look. I absolutely love the boxers! I would definitely say go a size up because the seem around the bottom does not stretch what so ever but that ass gone be sittin fasho!”



“I absolutely love the style and color options of your clothing. Everything fits perfect and look really good on me. The only thing I would suggest is ordering a size up, if you have thick thighs that save lives, you may want to give them some room to breathe. Overall the quality is amazing!”



"The shirt fits so nice and is very breatheable and lightweight. The material feels great and I can tell if and when I get sweaty it won't be sticking to my skin."



"I think that so far everything looks so good and well out together. I didn’t find anything that was completely wrong from the shirts to the lashes and women’s boxers. The only thing I found kind of an issue is around the leg part where the thread is. It just makes it harder to get into them. Overall, everything looked so good and i’m ready to see what else you have in store!"



"YAGASS...has managed to have the most comfortable fabric I’ve felt while wearing a T-shirt. The clothes were very quality, and when washed the colors never faded ! 🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾"



"I loved YaGass’ merch collection! It’s very different and unique from any other brands I’ve seen before, from the font to the design of clothes! From the looks of the shirt, I thought it’d be staticy material that makes your hairs rise but NO😂 it was soft and silk-like. You can wear this anytime and anywhere ! Support your friends!"